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F.A.M.E. - Female Academic Medical Excellence

F.A.M.E. is a network of female university professors at LMU Medical Faculty that fosters female careers and prepares the next generation of female leaders in academic medicine.


About F.A.M.E.

  • stands for "Female Academic Medical Excellence" in the medical faculty at LMU.
  • consist of a network of female university professors from clinical and non-clinical disciplines.
  • aims to achieve a proportional representation of women in academic medicine. Currently more than 60% of the faculty students are represented by females, with less than 10% of the chair positions and one quarter of the university professors occupied by females.
  • focuses in fostering female careers and in preparing women for the next generation of female leaders. One suitable tool to achieve this goal is the clinician and medical scientist program (MCSP) offered by the medical faculty promoting scientific achievement and professional skills for male and female scientists.
  • initially started to focus only on women, however, the goal is to expand the network and create an inclusive and diverse faculty by providing activities of equal opportunities, so everyone is reflected and represented.


Video introduction of F.A.M.E.