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Funding program for research and teaching (FöFoLe)


FöFoLe programmes:

A. Research (start-up funding or supplementary funding)

The start-up funding of max. 60,000€ from the Funding Programme for Research and Teaching (FöFoLe) serves to support young researchers by financing research projects that are intended to lead to the acquisition of their own third-party funding and the establishment of their own research group. Shortly after the doctorate, personnel funds ad personam can be applied for; applicants with longer research experience (e.g. postdoc with experience abroad and a very good publication record) can apply for funds for staff to the extent mentioned above. The applicant must not have reached the age of 35 by the application deadline.

Supplementary equipment (not personnel or consumables) up to a maximum of €7,800 within the framework of externally funded research projects can also be applied for via the programme if a corresponding note (e.g. basic equipment) is provided by the third-party funding body.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to

AA. Research (Munich Clinician Scientist Program, MCSP Track 2 FöFoLe+)

FöFoLe+ serves to promote young researchers. The funding of protected research time is intended to support the acquisition of own third-party funding and the establishment of an own research group. FöFoLe+ forms one pillar of the Munich Clinician Scientist Programme (MCSP). For further information see MCSP Track 2 FöFoLe+.

B. Doctoral studies in "Molecular Medicine", "Clinical Translational Medicine" and "Inflammation Research-ECFS

The aim is to train medical and dental students to conduct research in medicine. This programme was first installed in July 2001 and promotes the training (12 months) of particularly talented and scientifically interested students of human medicine and dentistry for research in medicine. From 2021, approximately 55 students will be admitted for the duration of 12 months.

By 1 July each year, habilitated university teachers at the LMU Medical Faculty can submit one or two project proposals for the three areas of the doctoral programme "Molecular Medicine", "Clinical Translational Medicine" and "Inflammation Research-ECFS". Non-resident supervisors (co-applicants) should submit at least four original theses. The fellows will receive a stipend of 861 €/month for 12 months. The project supervisors receive up to a maximum of 6,000 € in consumables including travel funds (e.g. for a congress trip) for 12 months to carry out the doctoral research project.

Applications and project proposals can be submitted by e-mail to

For more details on the individual FöFoLe programmes, please see the FöFoLe information sheet.

Information sheets and applications

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