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2024 Christine Falter-Wagner's Heisenberg Professorship successfully extended. Read more.

2023-11-23 Heidi Stöckl has received an ERC Consolidator Grant for her project on violence during pregnancy. Read more.

2023-11-15 Siebzehn LMU-Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler sind in der aktuellen Publikationsanalyse „Highly Cited Researchers 2023“ des Analytik-Unternehmens Clarivate vertreten und zählen damit zu den erfolgreichsten ihres Fachgebiets. Im Bereich "Clinicial Medicine" zählt Nadia Harbeck zu den meistzitierten Forschenden weltweit. Und auch beim LMU-internen Ranking stehen mit Nadia Harbeck und Annette Peters zwei Frauen an der Spitze. Read more.

2023-09-21 Zeit für X
"Wir wollen etwas verändern" - Interview with Eva Rehfuess

2023-08-23 Bianca Schaub has won the prestigious ERS (European Respiratory Society) research award, the "ERS Mid-Career Gold Medal in Asthma Award" 2023. Read more.

2023-07-13 Spiegel
Eine Klinik voller Machos

2023-07-12 LMU News
Frauen in der Forschung: Stärkende Strukturen schaffen, Hürden abbauen.

2023-06-04 Süddeutsche Zeitung
„Alles ist sehr männerlastig“ – Interview mit Marion Subklewe

2023-05-02 DFG
DFG-Report "Monitoring Equal Opportunity"

2023-04-23 nature
Scientists with multiple NIH grants are overwhelmingly male and white

2023-04 Sabine Steffens receives Arthur Weber Prize. Read more

2023-04-20 LMU Klinikum News
* Pressemeldung mit Video-Interviews anlässlich des F.A.M.E. Kick-off Impulse and Networking Event "Gender Equality in Academia – Status Quo and Insights into Individual Career Paths." 
* Artikel im LMU Klinikum Aktuell, Ausgabe 3/2023 zum neuen Expertinnen-Netzwerk am LMU Klinikum zur Förderung von Frauen in der akademischen Medizin 

2023-03-09 nature
Celebrate woman in science - today, and every day

2022-09 Leopoldina e.V.
Frauen in der Wissenschaft: Entwicklungen und Empfehlungen

2021-03-20 Die Zeit
Frauen in der Wissenschaft 

2022-12 Bianca Schaub has been elected Board Member EAACI, WG Infection.

2022-11 Nadia Harbeck and Eva Annette Rehfuess are amongst the highly cited researchers worldwide. Read more.

2022-10 Claudia Bausewein was elected President of the German Society for Palliative Medicine. Read more.

2022-10 Julia Mayerle received the Price of the Deutschen Hochschulmedizin. Read more.

2022-09 Martha Merrow received a grant from the DFG on the ‘Molecular characterisation of the circadian clock in Bacillus subtilis’.

2022 Susanna Hofmann received funding by the DFG for the Project: "Non-traditional biomarkers in intermuscular adipose tissue to monitor metabolic health" within the research unit FOR 5298: iMAGO - Personalized diagnostics for the treatment of obesity. Read more.

2022 Susanna Hofmann as PI with Project: "Neuroendocrine control of atherogenesis" within the SFB 1123: Atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and Networks of Novel Therapeutic Targets funded by the DFG. Read more.

2022 Bianca Schaub's Heisenberg Professorship successfully extended. Read more.

2022 Hanna Taipaleenmäki is speaker at IMMOSCAN - The role of IMMune OSteoclasts in CANcer – Implications for therapy. Read more.


 Articles & Books on Woman in Science

2023 Forschung & Lehre
Mind the Gender Gap! Studie zum professoralen Zitierpartikularismus  

2022 Elife
Author-level data confirm the widening gender gap in publishing rates during COVID-19

2022 Humanities and Social Sciences Communication
Scientific authorship by gender: trends before and during a global pandemic

2021 nature human behavior
Gender inequality and self-publication are common among academic editors 

2023 Oxford University Press
Not Just for the Boys - Why We Need More Woman in Science
by Dame Athene Donald