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foerderungen_logos2 Funding programs for spin-offs

Successful spin-offs have emerged from the research facilities of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital of LMU Munich. Innovative solutions in various areas, such as the development of new therapies, clinical drugs, diagnostic procedures, medical technology and application-oriented software development in surgical imaging or as e-learning offerings, are implemented in these areas.

Neurevo GmbH

Business idea (2021):
Development of therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
(University Hospital / Psychiatry)

Bytes for Life GmbH

Business idea (2021):
Software development in the field of cloud computing and software-as-a-service
(University Hospital)

Xtransplant GmbH

Business idea (2020):
Establishment of xenogenic heart transplantation
(University Hospital / Molecular Animal Husbandry)


Business idea (2020):
Marketing of patents
(Faculty of Medicine / Immunology)

cirlo GmbH

Business idea (2020):
Research and development of innovative medical products
(Faculty of Medicine/ Pharmacology)

Vitomy (Vitokrates UG)

Business idea (2019):
Prevention and coaching app for healthy digestion
(Medicine / Biomedical Center)

EpiQMAx GmbH

Business idea (2019):
Services in the field of epigenetics
(Medicine / Biomedical Center)

Eisbach Bio GmbH

Business idea (2019):
Targeting synthetic lethality in cancer
(Chemistry / Biomedical Center)


Business idea (2017):
Innovative medical devices through clinical expertise
(Computer Science and Medicine)

Ferrosens GmbH

Business idea (2017):
Non-invasive determination of iron deficiency

(University Hospital, LMU Munich)

Planerio GmbH

Business idea (2016):
Automatic work scheduling for practices and hospitals
(Computer Science and Medicine)

Mecuris GmbH

Business idea (2016):
Digitization of protethics and orthotics
(Department of General, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital, LMU Munich)


Business idea (2015):
Nanoparticles transport anti-tumor agents to the target site
(Department of Medicine III, University Hospital, LMU Munich)


Business idea (2015): Improved doctor-patient communication through eHealth
(Computer Science and Medicine)

Smart Reporting GmbH

Business idea (2014):
Online software for structured radiological reporting
(Institute of Clinical Radiology)

MetaHeps GmbH

Business idea (2014):
Innovative solutions to the challenge of drug-induced liver Injury in clinical drug development
(Department of Medicine II, University Hospital, LMU Munich)

Modag GmbH

Business idea (2013):
New drugs for inhibiting aggregation of proteins
(Center for Neuropathology and Prion Research)

Medability GmbH

Business idea (2012):
Simulation tools for surgical training
(Department of Surgery, University Hospital, LMU Munich & TUM)

LivImplant GmbH

Business idea (2010):
Regenerative medicine in humans and animals
(Department of Surgery, University Hospital, LMU Munich)

ethris GmbH

Business idea (2009):
Development of new therapies based on magnetic drug targeting and mRNA
(University Hospital, LMU & TU Munich)

SpheroTec GmbH

Business idea (2006):
Individualized cancer medicine
(Department of Surgery, University Hospital, LMU Munich)

amYmed GmbH

Business idea (2006)
(Reference Center for Amyloid Diseases)

MLL Münchner Leukämielabor GmbH

Business idea (2005):
Diagnostics for leukaemia diseases
(University Hospital, LMU Munich)

Rendoscopy GmbH

Business idea (2003):
3D software in the field of diagnostic imaging
(Institute of Clinical Radiology)

deMotu GmbH

Business idea (2003):
Biomechanical advice on passive safety for the vehicle industry
(Institute of Legal Medicine)

Chondrometrics GmbH

Business idea (2003):
Software for image analysis of articular cartilage using MRI
(Institute of Anatomy)

Instruct AG

Business idea (2000):
Interactive systems for training using computer technologies
(Faculty of Medicine, LMU Munich)

crelux GmbH

Business idea (2000):
Structural biology services
(HighTechCampus, Departement Großhadern, Gencentre)

celeco GmbH

Business idea (2000):
Learning to read for dyslexics
(Institute of Medical Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, LMU Munich)


Business idea (1999):
Medical advice for TV / film
(Medical Faculty)