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LMU Postdoc Support Fund

As part of its overall strategy LMUexcellent: A New Perspective, LMU is continuing to develop its Academic Career Program with a particular focus on the career development of young professionals.

The following grants can be applied for within the framework of the LMU Postdoc Support Fund at the Faculty of Medicine:

  • International collaborations and recruitments: Travel and accommodation costs for inviting professional expertise or possible recruitment. The invited guest must not be a tenured professor.

    Notes for international collaborations

  • Events and workshops for postdocs: The planned event either serves to further scientific education or prepares for a career within or outside the university or aims to network with other postdocs outside one's own institution.

    Notes for workshops

  • Reconciling science and family: Material resources can be applied for as well as the assumption of costs for childcare outside of regular childcare.

    Notes for science and family

  • Conference travel: The prerequisite for funding is an active scientific contribution during the event (accepted abstract for poster, presentation, organisation of a workshop, etc.). Reasonable exceptions could be, for example, to participate in a meeting without an active contribution after returning to work, e.g. after parental leave, in order to keep up to date with the current status of one's own research area.

    Notes for conference trips

  • Further education and training: The content of the further and continuing education cannot be acquired within the framework of your affiliation with the LMU or the LMU Klinikum. The further education and training is subject-related or related to the subject (postgraduate courses such as MHBA or similar or completely new training courses are excluded from the funding).

    Notes for advanced trainings

  • Gold Open Access Publication Fees: Applications can be submitted as first author, equal second author or senior author. Only peer-reviewed gold open access publications in pubmed-listed journals for which the corresponding author belongs to LMU and for which no third-party funding is available can be funded.

    Notes for Open Access Publications

For funding within the framework of the compatibility of science and family, conference trips, further and further education as well as Gold Open Access publication fees, the issue of your doctoral certificate or the successful defense of the application may date back a maximum of 6 years. Exceptions for an extension of this period are, among other things, taking parental leave, caring for relatives or a longer absence due to illness. Detailed German and English information on all funding can be found in the information sheets.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Corinna Buschle,


Deadlines in 2024: 15th April, 30th August, 15th December


The application is submitted via an application portal with your LMU user ID. In some cases, you will not log in with but with, even if you are a member of the Faculty of Medicine. If it is not possible to log in with the LMU user ID, we ask you to register for the application portal here to registrated.

In the bottom page section of the online procedure, you can choose between German and English at any time: