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Funding programs

The scientists of the Medical Faculty receive support on the way to (independent) research projects in the research and teaching funding program of the Medical Faculty and in the LMUexcellent future concept of the University of Munich

The Medical Faculty has also set itself the goal of promoting young clinical scientists as part of its internal research funding. Clinician Scientist programs are usually aimed at doctors who have completed their first years of training to become a specialist at a university clinic and who can demonstrate a documented scientific interest. In addition to the faculty-wide Metiphys program, other thematic research colleges are dedicated to the training of clinician scientists.

A calendar overview in the internal report shows the different deadlines over the course of the year. Here You will also find information on the various funded research exemptions and other funding opportunities for doctoral students, postdocs and experienced students Scientist.

  • F.A.M.E. - Female Academic Medical Excellence

    F.A.M.E. stands for Female Academic Medicine Excellence in the Medical Faculty at LMU. We are a network of female university professors from clinical and non-clinical disciplines. Our goal is to achieve a proportional representation of women in academic medicine. more

  • Medical & Clinician Scientist Program (MCSP)


    The Medical & Clinician Scientist Program (MCSP) promotes scientifically active doctors, who are offered optimal conditions for combining a scientific and clinical career within the framework of the program. Doctors thus have a structured framework program for postgraduate or postdoctoral scientific qualification at their disposal. more

  • Funding program for research and teaching (FöFoLe)


    The funding programme for research and teaching (FöFoLe) serves to promote high-quality research and innovative programmes to improve medical education. Doctoral students who wish to pursue an experimental doctoral thesis can apply to FöFoLe within the framework of the doctoral programme "Molecular Medicine", "Clinical Translational Medicine" and "Inflammation Research-EKFS" and apply for funding for 12 months. more

  • Mentoring program of the Medical Faculty for excellent young scientists (moments)


    The Faculty of Medicine at LMU Munich would like to promote the scientific potential of women and men and, in the medium term, contribute to increasing the number of female professors at universities and to improving the compatibility of scientific qualifications and family. With its mentoring programme, the Faculty of Medicine therefore supports outstanding young female and male scientists on their path to professorship. more

  • Rolf Becker-Award


    The medical faculty of the LMU Munich and the foundation “Rufzeichen Gesundheit!”, Baierbrunn, will award the prize for the best original work from the previous year or the current year in the field of experimental or clinical medicine as a result of a research project from the LMU. The prize is endowed with € 50,000 and was announced for the first time in 2012. more

  • LMUexcellent


    The university supports scientists in obtaining external third-party funding. From the first project of a doctoral student who goes to a congress abroad to collaborative research projects that bring in high third-party funding. One euro of funding turns into many euros for research. And funding often reaches the next generation at a time when it is decided whether to become a resident doctor or a researcher at the university hospital. more

  • LMU Open Access Fonds


    On 1 January 2022, LMU set up an OA publication fund financed by the DFG, from which LMU researchers can receive cost subsidies for OA publications. more

  • LMU Postdoc Support Fund


    Within the framework of the Postdoc Support Fund, the Faculty of Medicine allocates funds for the flexible and subject-related promotion of young researchers in the postdoc area, in particular for the areas of international recruitment, compatibility of science and family, mobility, further education, as well as gold open access publications. more