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The LMU places particular emphasis on the comprehensive and individual support of its researchers. As part of LMUexcellent, researchers with doctorates benefit from various funding formats: the Investment Fund, the Junior Researcher Fund and the Knowledge Transfer Fund.
With these funding measures, LMU supports researchers in their career development and in the formation of competitive research profiles.

Investment Fund
The Investment fund specifically supports the acquisition of third-party funding for innovative research ideas and the establishment of new research fields.

Junior Researcher Fund
The Junior Researcher Fund improves the career development of young scientists by promoting the independent acquisition of third-party funding.
It offers two funding lines: Start-up funding for preparatory work on a third-party funding proposal, as well as "sabbaticals" to enable applicants to concentrate on their proposal.

Knowledge Transfer Fund
The Knowledge Transfer Fund provides start-up financing for projects that aim to further develop research results into technological, social and economic innovations.

Applications are possible on an ongoing basis (until further notice) and can be submitted in German or English. The application must be submitted via the dean of the respective faculty. For this purpose, please send the application in electronic form to the Research Dean's Office, Dr. Corinna Buschle: . For the Junior Researcher Fund and Knowledge Transfer Fund, please send the application via your chair or working group.