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Original articles 2015

The most visible original articles of the year with first or last authors from the medical faculty (without reviews, letters, case reports, comments or news).

Willem M1, Tahirovic S, Busche MA, Ovsepian SV, Chafai M, Kootar S, Hornburg D, Evans LD, Moore S, ..., Haass C1
η-Secretase processing of APP inhibits neuronal activity in the hippocampus.
Nature 2015; 526: 443-7 (JIF2014 41,5)
1 Adolf-Butenandt-Institut

Barbosa JS, Sanchez-Gonzalez R, Di Giaimo R, Baumgart EV, Theis FJ, Götz M1, Ninkovic J1
Neurodevelopment. Live imaging of adult neural stem cell behavior in the intact and injured zebrafish brain.
Science 2015; 348: 789-93 (JIF2014 33,6)
1 Physiologisches Institut, Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Genomik

Grünewald TG1, Bernard V, Gilardi-Hebenstreit P, Raynal V, Surdez D, Aynaud MM, Mirabeau O, Cidre-Aranaz F, Tirode F, ..., Delattre O
Chimeric EWSR1-FLI1 regulates the Ewing sarcoma susceptibility gene EGR2 via a GGAA microsatellite.
Nat Genet 2015; 47: 1073-8 (JIF2014 29,4)
1 Pathologisches Institut

Reincke M1, Sbiera S, Hayakawa A, Theodoropoulou M, Osswald A1, Beuschlein F1, Meitinger T, Mizuno-Yamasaki E, Kawaguchi K, ..., Komada M
Mutations in the deubiquitinase gene USP8 cause Cushing’s disease.
Nat Genet 2015; 47: 31-8 (JIF2014 29,4)
1 Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik IV

Kohl S1, Zobor D, Chiang WC, Weisschuh N, Staller J, Gonzalez Menendez I, Chang S, Beck SC, Garcia Garrido M, ..., Lin JH1
Mutations in the unfolded protein response regulator ATF6 cause the cone dysfunction disorder achromatopsia.
Nat Genet 2015; 47: 757-65 (JIF2014 29,4)
1 Augenklinik und Poliklinik

Chen YC, Auer-Grumbach M, Matsukawa S, Zitzelsberger M1, Themistocleous AC, Strom TM, Samara C, Moore AW, Cho LT, ..., Senderek J1
Transcriptional regulator PRDM12 is essential for human pain perception.
Nat Genet 2015; 47: 803-8 (JIF2014 29,4)
1 Neurologische Klinik und Poliklinik

Bachhuber T1, Katzmarski N, McCarter JF1, Loreth D, Tahirovic S, Kamp F1, Abou-Ajram C1, Nuscher B1, Serrano-Pozo A, ..., Meyer-Luehmann M1
Inhibition of amyloid-β plaque formation by α-synuclein.
Nat Med 2015; 21: 802-7 (JIF2014 28,2)
1 Adolf-Butenandt-Institut

Pastore A, Jurinovic V1, Kridel R, Hoster E1, Staiger AM, Szczepanowski M, Pott C, Kopp N, Murakami M, ..., Weigert O²
Integration of gene mutations in risk prognostication for patients receiving first-line immunochemotherapy for follicular lymphoma: a retrospective analysis of a prospective clinical trial and validation in a population-based registry.
Lancet Oncol 2015; 16: 1111-22 (JIF2014 24,7)
1 Institut für Medizinische Informationsverarbeitung, Biometrie und Epidemiologie
² Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik III

Masserdotti G1, Gillotin S, Sutor B1, Drechsel D, Irmler M, Jørgensen HF, Sass S, Theis FJ, Beckers J, ..., Götz M1
Transcriptional mechanisms of proneural factors and REST in regulating neuronal reprogramming of astrocytes.
Cell Stem Cell 2015; 17: 74-88 (JIF2014 22,3)
1 Physiologisches Institut, Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Genomik

Hu D, Mohanta SK1, Yin C1, Peng L, Ma Z, Srikakulapu P, Grassia G, MacRitchie N, Dever G, ..., Habenicht AJ1
Artery tertiary lymphoid organs control aorta immunity and protect against atherosclerosis via vascular smooth muscle cell lymphotoxin β receptors.
Immunity 2015; 42: 1100-15 (JIF2014 21,6)
1 Institut für Prophylaxe und Epidemiologie der Kreislaufkrankheiten

Yamano T1, Nedjic J1, Hinterberger M1, Steinert M1, Koser S, Pinto S, Gerdes N², Lutgens E², Ishimaru N, ..., Klein L1
Intrathymic licensing of immigrating peripheral B cells for central T cell tolerance induction.
Immunity 2015; 42: 1048-1061 (JIF2014 21,6)
1 Institut für Immunologie
² Institut für Prophylaxe und Epidemiologie der Kreislaufkrankheiten