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PRIME - Clinician scientist program in vascular medicine

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Steffen Massberg
  • Affiliation: Department of Medicine I
  • Funding: 2018 to 2021

Vascular disease is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. This generates an enormous health and socio-economic burden, which is expected to further increase dramatically in the light of an ageing population. A better understanding of the pathophysiology leading to vascular diseases with identification of novel therapeutic targets and their transfer into clinical application poses a great challenge, particular in vascular research. Clinician scientists play a key role in achieving this task as they contribute essentially to both target identification and transfer into clinical application. Since a structured training program for clinician scientists in vascular medicine is lacking, we plan to establish the clinician scientist PRrogram In vascular Medicine, PRIME at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Building on the recently established framework of the Munich Clinician Scientist Program (MCSP), we aim to initiate an interdisciplinary research and training program dedicated to clinician scientists with a focus in vascular research. Within a three-year period, young doctors will be allowed 50% flexible protected research time to carry out pre-clinical, translational or clinical research projects in vascular medicine. The program will be accompanied by an interdisciplinary and individual qualification program within a structured curriculum as well as a mentoring concept provided by research-experienced advanced clinicians. This will allow clinician scientists to successfully complete both their clinical and scientific training with only minor delays in the time to receive board certification. PRIME will be backed up with an advanced scientist program to open up additional career paths and provide a sustained pipeline for independency of highly qualified candidates to become eligible for a university career. Together, PRIME will enable us to establish an interdisciplinary, vascular-focused training program for young, talented clinician scientists. This will provide an important basis for research on the basic mechanisms, treatment and prevention of vascular diseases, a key challenge to society for the years ahead.

Source: Gepris