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Else Kröner-Fresenius - Immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer: Mechanisms of action and resistance

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Marion Subklewe
  • Affiliation: Department of Medicine III
  • Funding: 2017 to 2023

Can the human immune system recognise and eliminate tumour cells? This seemingly simple question has been on the research agenda for over 100 years and has been answered very differently in some phases. However, at the latest since immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer was awarded the title "breakthrough of the year" in the scientific journal Science in 2013, not only hopes but also concrete expectations have been placed in this field. The discovery story of the two initial clinical "success stories" impressively shows that the complexity and potential of the immune system can only be used therapeutically if the molecular processes are meticulously and patiently explained. In this internationally intensively researched field, the Munich-based consortium is one of the groups that repeatedly succeed in being successful from the molecular level to the clinical study and in producing solutions that are as original as they are clinically relevant. In this environment of great scientific expertise and clinical optimism, research-enthusiastic clinicians find a stimulating and supportive environment.

Source: LMU (Text)