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Else Kröner Fresenius Clinical Research School - Rare immune system diseases

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein
  • Affiliation: Department of Pediatrics, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital
  • Funding: 2014 to 2022

The Research College "Rare Diseases of the Immune System - from Pathophysiology to the Development of New Therapy Strategies" is a programme of excellence for outstanding young scientists with a focus on paediatrics.

Based on clinical observations and problems of rare monogenic diseases, translational scientific projects in immunology and its border areas will be developed. The focus of the program is on monogenic diseases of the immune system - from classical primary immunodeficiency diseases to inflammatory diseases and diseases with organ-specific inflammations and specific susceptibility to defined microbial pathogens. In particular, the research fields transcriptional control of gene expression, vesicular transport processes, epigenetics and genomic integrity will be investigated using the example of new human immunodeficiency diseases. Based on clinical observation, not only experimental model systems will be developed, but also the basis for innovative therapeutic strategies (designer nucleases, influencing protein folding, antibody-based immunotherapy).

The Else Kröner Research College is to exert a formative influence on the further development of translational research in paediatrics beyond the Munich location.

Source: University Hospital Munich