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Marie Curie ITN - Chromatin and metabolism (ChroMe)

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas Ladurner
  • Affiliation: Biomedical Center (BMC), Physiological Chemistry
  • Funding: 2016 to 2020

The ChroMe Network combines research and complementary skills training. Our students are exposed to many sectors through secondments, visits, inter-sectorial mentors and career development modules, providing experience, networking opportunities and potential employment.

ChroMe’s research goals are to understand how chromatin is steered by metabolism to sustain health or cause disease, and to exploit our new knowledge and expertise to develop new therapies.

ChroMe aims to improve the career prospects of our ESRs in the pharma, nutrition, biotech sectors, academia, clinics, government, policy forums and other sectors that promote, manage or catalyse innovation in metabolic health (e.g. venture capital firms, patient support groups).

Source: Biomedical Center LMU, Physiological Chemistry