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m4 - Personalisierte Medizin e.V.

m4 - the Munich Biotech Cluster

In a joint initiative, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and scientific institutes in the greater Munich area joined forces with the cluster management company BioM in 2010 to overcome the central challenges and problems of today's drug development in the leading-edge cluster "m4 - Personalized medicine and targeted therapies - a new dimension in drug development". Through early and close networking of all players, the goal is to make targeted drug development as well as its review and approval - the process of value creation - more efficient. To this end, the existing excellence in research, preclinical and clinical development is to be utilized in order to bring therapeutic entities for the respective patient populations concerned to approval in a precisely tailored manner.

The joint concept is intended to achieve both an increase in efficiency in the value creation process and an improvement in the efficacy (increase in effectiveness in patients) of the drugs developed in this way.

m4 - Personalized Medicine e.V.

During the BMBF funding until March 2015, more than 50 collaborative projects from the different fields of Personalized Medicine and numerous networking events have successfully contributed to the promotion of this medicine of the future. An excellent interdisciplinary network of participants has been formed. Even after the end of the Leading-Edge Cluster funding, m4 continues: For example, the association "m4 Personalized Medicine - Helping to Create Added Value in Tomorrow's Medicine" contributes to implementing Personalized Medicine and maintaining and expanding the network that has been created.

Personalized Medicine focuses on the individual. It takes into account his or her individual genetic makeup, living environment and lifestyle. Based on this information, personalized concepts are developed to maintain health and treat diseases successfully with few side effects.

What can Personalized Medicine do?

Personalized Medicine seeks solutions that help us and suit us.

It can:

  • Shift the focus of medicine from reaction to prevention.
  • Support the selection of the best possible therapy
  • Identify new therapeutic options
  • Reduce or avoid side effects
  • Increase patient adherence to therapy
  • Help control the cost of healthcare

Source: Personalisierte Medizin e.V., BioM