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EURO-NMD (Neuromuscular Disorders)

The EURO-NMD (Neuromuscular Disorders) deals with rare neuromuscular diseases, in particular muscular dystrophies and mitochondrial diseases. The Friedrich-Baur-Institut is one of the world's leading centers for these disease groups and is therefore now an integral part of the EURO-NMD with a total of 61 neuromuscular centers from 14 EU member states. The EURO-NMD is coordinated by the University of Newcastle (England), the local management at the Friedrich-Baur-Institut combined with a membership in the board of the EURO-NMD lies with Prof. Maggie Walter (Deputy Prof. Thomas Klopstock).

European Reference Networks (ERN) are associations of highly specialized clinics in Europe funded by the European Union, which are intended to provide the best possible cross-border diagnostics and therapy for patients with rare diseases, the implementation and harmonization of care standards and the facilitation of translational and clinical research. After an extensive application and testing process, the positively evaluated European Reference Networks were announced on December 15, 2016 by the European Reference Network Board of Member States. The official inauguration of the networks took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the beginning of March.


Prof. Dr. Margarete Christine Walter

Source: Pressemitteilung KUM