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Corona Junior Research Group - Immuno-Rhythmologie

  • Projct leader: Dr. Sebastian Clauß
  • Institution: Department of Medicine I
  • Funding: since 2019

Dr. Clauss will receive a total of 1 million euros over five years for his project "Macrophages and their role in Cardiac ElectroPhysiology and Arrhythmia Mechanisms (MacEP)".

In his preparatory work, Dr. Claus found that cardiac macrophages play a crucial role in the electrical properties of the AV node. The funded project builds on this and aims to further investigate the role of resident cardiac macrophages in the development and transmission of electrical impulses in the heart in order to develop new innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. In addition to cell cultures, mouse and pig models should also be used, in particular in order to enable the translation of fundamental scientific findings into preclinical testing in large animal models.

Source: LMU University Hospital