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Joint appointments and personal cooperation

Prof. Dr. Carolin Daniel
LMU-Institution: Division of Clinical Pharmacology,W2-Professor for Immunomodulation
Helmholtz-Institution: IDF Institute for Diabetes Research, Link

Prof. Dr. Christina García-Cáceres
LMU-Institution: Department of Medicine IV, W2-Professor for Neuroendocrinology of System Metabolism
Helmholtz-Institution: IDO Institute for Diabetes and Obesity, Link

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz
LMU institution: Chair of Physiological Genomics, BMC,Link
HMGU-Institution: ISF Institute for Stem Cell Research, Link

Prof. Dr. Vigo Heissmeyer
LMU institution: Institute of Immunology, W2 Professorship of Systemic Immunology, Link
Helmholtz-Institution: AMIR Department of Molecular Immunoregulation, Link

Prof. Dr. Susanna Hofmann
LMU institution: Department of Medicine IV, W2 Professorship for Lipid Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases
HMGU-Institution: IDR Institute for Diabetes and Regeneration Research, Link

Prof. Dr. Irmela Jeremias
LMU institution: Department of Pediatrics, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital, Mildred Scheel Professorship for Translational Apoptosis Research in Pediatric Oncology
HMGU Institution: AGV Research Unit Gene Vectors, Head of the Research Group "Apoptosis", Link

Prof. Dr. Erika von Mutius
LMU institution: Department of Pediatrics, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital,W2 Professorship for Pediatric Allergology
HMGU-Institution: IAP Institute for Asthma and Allergy Prevention, Link

Prof. Dr. Annette Peters
LMU institution: Chair of Genetic Epidemiology, IBE
HMGU institution: EPI Institute for Epidemiology, Link