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GBA new healthcare approaches –TARGET -Transsectoral personalised care concept for patients with rare and advanced cancers

  • Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Volker Heinemann
  • Affiliation:Department of Medicine III
  • Funding:2021 to 2023

The transsectoral care of patients with rare and advanced cancers has potential for optimisation. Within the framework of the project, a transsectoral care concept is to be established in southern Bavaria between oncologists in private practice and the Comprehensive Cancer Center Munich of the Ludwig Maximilian University in order to test personalised therapy concepts in a model region. The new form of care is intended to give patients faster access to optimal diagnostics and therapy in the sense of "shared decision making" and to provide interprofessional support during the course of the disease. The aim is to improve patient-relevant outcomes through the optimal use of resources.

Source: GBA Innovationsfonds