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GBA healthcare research – PARTNER –Interprofessional clinical pathway to patient oriented deprescribing of psychotropic, sedative and anticholinergic medications in elderly patients with multimedication

  • Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Tobias Dreischulte
  • Affiliation:Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine
  • Funding: 2022 to 2025

Aim: Drugs that may be useful for the short-term treatment of mental disorders, chronic pain or urinary incontinence can have a lasting adverse effect on the quality of life of elderly patients due to side effects (e.g., tendency to fall), especially if they are used for too long and cause avoidable costs. This project will evaluate whether intensified, focused and patient-centered collaboration between general practitioners and pharmacies can sustainably reduce misuse and overuse of these drugs.

Methodological approach: General practitioners and pharmacies cooperating in the study will be randomly assigned to either an intervention or a control group. The intervention group receives the PARTNER Intervention. The control group receives “extended routine care”, where general information about drug risks will be provided via routine general practitioner – pharmacist cooperation. In addition to effectiveness, the cost/benefit balance and the appropriateness of the PARTNER intervention will be examined from the perspectives of health care providers and patients.

Utilization potential: Infrastructural and political developments offer new opportunities for intensified collaboration between general practitioners and pharmacies in German Health care system. The PARTNER project not only provides insights into whether broad implementation of the PARTNER intervention is effective, efficient, and appropriate, but also how collaboration between primary care physicians and pharmacies can succeed.

Source: GBA Innovationsfonds