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GBA healthcare research - PrimA-QuO - Optimized primary medical care for children and adolescents with mental health problems and disorders

  • Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Eva Grill
  • Affiliation: Institute of Medical Data Processing, Biometrics and Epidemiology
  • Funding: 2017 to 2020

Mental health problems and disorders occur frequently in children and adolescents. Almost every fifth child between the ages of three and 17 is affected. Especially at this age, physical health and quality of life, but also the family environment and school and later professional development can be significantly impaired. However, there are currently considerable supply bottlenecks in the further treatment of this group of patients.

ped The aim of the project is to improve the standard care of children and adolescents with mental health problems and disorders through standardization and advanced training for doctors. For this purpose, standardized anamnesis and treatment processes are to be introduced in first aid. These processes were developed in advance by the working group social pediatrics of pediatricians in Bavaria and implemented in the "BKK STARKE KIDS" program by the company health insurance BKK. They can help to filter who can be further treated by the pediatrician and when a referral to a specialist is necessary. The project investigates whether the program can be implemented and whether it will have a positive effect on patient care and health. In addition, it is recorded how it is accepted by everyone involved - doctors, patients and guardians - and which factors stand in the way of successful use. For this purpose, all those involved are interviewed. In addition, health insurance data are analyzed, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the profitability of the program. The program can be updated and expanded based on these results. The project is funded for 42 months with a total of around one million euros.

If successful, it can also be determined whether this form of care has the potential to be established for all children and young people.

Source: GBA Innovationsfonds