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German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders

  • Head: Prof. Dr. Thomas Brandt, since end of 2019 PD Dr. med. Andreas Zwergal
  • Affiliation: Institute for Clinical Neurosciences
  • Funding by BMBF: 2009 to 2019, since Novembre 2019 the DSGZ is an interdisciplinary centre of the University Hospital of the LMU Munich

The DSGZ is an internationally unique interdisciplinary research, treatment, study and reference centre for clinical pictures with the leading symptoms dizziness, balance and eye movement disorders. The long-term goal of the Integrated Research and Treatment Centre for Dizziness, Balance and Eye Movement Disorders is the establishment of a networked patient-oriented research centre in which the following research fields are dealt with in an interdisciplinary manner using different methods (from molecules to systems analysis and mathematical modelling).

  • Diagnostic procedures and criteria
  • Pathophysiology and therapy concepts
  • Prospective clinical studies
  • Functionality and "quality of life" (cooperation with WHO)
  • Specific audiovestibular problems and gait disorders in children and old age
  • "Man and Machine"


The research focus of the DSGZ is on translational research through close cooperation between basic scientists and clinicians. The DSGZ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under the number 01EO0901. It is associated with the GSN (Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences) excellence initiative and the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neurosciences as well as the Munich Centre of Neuroscience MCN.


The centre offers a curriculum for the additional title of Master of Clinical Researcher as well as a structured training to become a specialist in otoneurology.

Source: BMBF