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  • Speaker LMU: Prof. Dr. Daniel Teupser
  • Affiliation: Institute of Laboratory Medicine
  • Funding by BMBF: 2020 to 2023

As part of the joint project CLINSPECT-M, a local research core for mass spectrometry in systems medicine is to be established in the greater Munich area. Its focus will be on the neurosciences, more specifically on molecular research into diseases of the nervous system. The experts from the fields of proteomics, medicine and informatics who are united in the CLINSPECT-M network are pursuing four overarching goals - based on the thematic foci of neuro-inflammation, neuro-degeneration, neuro-oncology and neurovascular diseases. The aim is to show that the use of mass spectrometry in systems medicine is both technically and logistically feasible and that it can provide new insights into the biology of diseases. Another goal is to show that mass spectrometry can be used to discover clinically useful protein biomarkers that can be used for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring the response to therapy. Finally, the fourth goal addresses the question of short-, medium- and long-term possibilities of clinical translation up to the support of clinical decision-making for individual patients.

In order to implement these goals, it is planned, among other things, to establish or expand appropriate infrastructures at the university hospitals of the city of Munich for research into questions of clinical proteomics. It is planned to further develop mass spectrometry technology, for example by improving detection limits or sample throughput. In addition, biomaterials from well-characterised patient cohorts are to be used as examples to show what a useful clinical application of mass spectrometry could look like.

Source: BMBF