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German Centre for Cardiovascular Research

  • Speaker LMU: Prof. Dr. Christian Weber
  • Affiliation: Institute of Cardiovascular Prevention, LMU University Hospital, LMU Munich

Cardiovascular medicine has enjoyed great success in recent decades. For example, heart attack mortality has fallen by almost half over the past ten years. Reasons for this: better medication against elevated cholesterol and fewer smokers. And yet - cardiovascular diseases are still at the top of the disease statistics: according to the Federal Statistical Office, coronary heart disease, heart attack and cardiac insufficiency were the three most frequent causes of death in Germany in 2011.

weber Speaker LMU: Prof. Dr. Christian Weber
Affiliation: Institute of Cardiovascular Prevention

In order to achieve further progress, patient-oriented, interdisciplinary research with large studies, cohorts and biobanks is becoming increasingly important. The German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) provides scientists with space for such research projects. The DZHK offers them a framework to implement research ideas together, better and faster than before. The most important goal of the DZHK is to make new research results available to all patients in Germany as quickly as possible and to advance therapies as well as the diagnosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In order to achieve this, German cardiovascular research has repositioned itself with the founding of the DZHK in 2011. 28 institutions at seven locations throughout Germany are pooling their strengths and developing a joint research strategy.

Source: DZHK