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Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME)

The Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) is an international, strategical network of nine partner universities and their medical faculties respectively. The Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME) aims to pursue global interdisciplinary research that is far-reaching and impactful and to achieve innovative approaches in the medical education.

Multilateral collaboration in complementary areas and disciplines within the scope of selected, excellent research projects is the main tool to reach this. Every member institution leads a project in which the others can actively participate in order to leverage on each other's complementary strengths. This is to establish effective collaborations and to achieve sustainable results to influence the development of the health sciences and the medical education. An important tool is the annual GAME conference, where the progress of the particular research projects are presented and new research and cooperation possibilities are compiled together. The annual GAME conference alternatingly takes place at one of the partner universities.

Detailed information about the Network can be found on the official GAME website.


Prof. Dr. Alexander L. Gerbes

Wencke Vonderhagen