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Working Groups

Management teams and areas of responsibility of the individual working groups

Working group (AG) 1 „Undergraduate“

Management team: Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer, Prof. Dr. Inga Körte

Areas of responsibility:
• expansion of selected international exchange programs for top-level and broad-based student support, including the establishment of alumni networks for sustainable structures and visibility
• expansion of services for incoming students
• internationalization at home through language acquisition and intercultural competence

Working group (AG) 2 „Postgraduate & Lifelong Learning“

Mangement team: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila, Dr. Antje Hentrich

Areas of responsibility:
• measures that support the recruitment, training and further education of excellent young international scientists and specialists

Working group (AG) 3 „Internationale Netzworks and Strategic Partnerships“

Management team: Prof. Dr. Alexander Gerbes, Prof. Dr. Eva Rehfuess

Areas of responsibility:
• expansion of existing and establishment of new collaborations at faculty and hospital level with relevant strategic partner institutions and networks of LMU Medicine and the LMU overall strategy. The aim is to develop sustainable structures for international funding programs in research and teaching
• support of the Alumni Potentiala for the AGs 1 and 2

Working group (AG) 4 „International Framework“

Management team: Wencke Vonderhagen (for the faculty) und Dr. Brigitte Brands (for the hospital)

Areas of responsibility:
• central coordination point for information on all international activities at cooperation level
• definition of processes and areas of responsibility for the implementation of the internationalization strategy, including the specification of welcome structures with transparent processes and responsibilities for scientists from EU and non-EU countries (with the aim of reducing the workload and increasing efficiency in the central administrative departments of the faculty and the hospital)
• establishment of an accompanying framework structure and targeted promotion of international networking at institutional level

Additional members of the individual working groups are planned for the implementation of the areas of responsibility mentioned and some have already been requested and confirmed. The group of participants can and should be expanded depending on the point of action.

Chair: Dean of the Medical Faculty of the LMU Munich, Prof. Dr. T. Gudermann
Deputy Chair: Chairman of the Board and Medical Director of the LMU Clinic, Prof. Dr. M. Lerch