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Visiting Student Elective Program

3 months before elective start

Medical certificate and in-house medical service

    Following notification of an elective offer, you must submit the Visiting Student Immunization Record (Medical certificate) required by the LMU University Hospital Munich for all students participating in clinical rotations.

    A certificate, completely filled in, is a necessary precondition for your deployment in the hospital and serves to protect both the student and the patient against infectious diseases. Your attention is drawn to the fact that a possible consequence of incomplete details or a lack of immune protection is that you will not be able to take up your deployment.

    • The form includes tests and immunizations and must be filled in by your GP/attending physician.
    • We request the tests are performed within 3 months before the beginning of the internship.
    • Please note that under "department" you must state the subject for which you have applied.
      In addition, your full name as shown in your passport or identity card must be entered.
      Next to the doctor’s signature, he/she must also enter his/her name and stamp the form.
    • Please enclose the completed form including lab reports with your online application at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the internship.