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The Medical Curriculum Munich (MeCuM) is open to students from our global exchange partners.

Known for its academic excellence, LMU offers students from European universities the chance to apply for an exchange semester via the Erasmus or Swiss-European Mobility Programme. Students from partner universities outside Europe are also welcome to apply via LMUexchange.

Exchange students are able to attend some of the courses and lectures in the clinical semesters or clinical internships.

You will find all the important information on our website. Please click your way through attentively. If you should still have any questions, we shall be happy to help you. For all matters relating to the exchange, please write to: or, for the completion of your transcript, to:

Overview Curriculum


A requirement for attending courses or clinical internships as part of the Medical Curriculum Munich is that you must be studying at one of LMU's partner universities and have reached the corresponding level.

As a first step, you apply for the exchange programs via your home university. Once you have been nominated for a mobility, the rest of the application steps are made at LMU.

All students from partner universities have to go through the LMU application procedure – in Erasmus both for studies and for traineeships.

German language skills

Exchange students are able to attend some of the courses and lectures in the clinical semesters or clinical internships. The language of tuition at the Medical Faculty and the LMU University Hospital is German. In order to ensure good progress in your studies, a sound knowledge of German is essential:

  • at least level C1 for PY Elective
  • at least level B2 in all other cases

Certificate of language competence

The Confirmation of Language Skills form can only be used if your level of German has been checked in the course of the selection procedure at your home university or if you have attended lectures in German at your home university. Otherwise, an official certificate is required for courses & lectures. For clinical internships an official certificate has to be submitted as a matter of principle.
Please note that the required language certificate must be handed in with all other documents during the application process and cannot be submitted after the application deadline.

Application process

Only applications from students nominated by their home universities will be considered. 

The deadline for the complete exchange program application is 15th May or 15th November, for the following semester in each case.

That includes submitting the list of courses chosen or, where applicable, the application for an internship.

Please take note of the information on the choice of courses and the requirements for internships.

Choosing Courses

There are specific requirements for assignment to the Medicine courses and clinical internships: 

  • Please let us know the subjects or rotations you would prefer, so that we can assign you appropriately.
  • Please use the Medicine application portal and provide the information needed for your assignment. This must be done no later than 15th May for the winter semester or 15th November for the summer semester and is in addition to the LMU application for exchange students for their matriculation.
  • If you are staying for two semesters:
    The selection of courses via the application portal for Medicine only applies to the first exchange semester. You will be asked in good time for your preferences for any courses you wish to take in the second semester, for which a separate form will be sent. It is dependent on your continuation of registration.
    The details for clinical internships apply to the entire duration of your stay at LMU.
  • For assignment to clinical internships: Please fill in the form in German and upload your CV which must also be written in German. The learning objectives you specify are used by the hospital lecturers to find the best possible match for you.
  • All Medicine exchange students must supply proof of sufficient immunity to measles. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to start your exchange studies.
    Please use the following template or equivalentCertificate of complete protection against measles, have the form completed and signed by your GP or the university medical facility at your home university and submit it in your Medicine Online application.

As soon as you have provided these details, we can begin processing your application. Applications are checked by the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty and the relevant LMU hospitals.

Learning Agreement

In the Learning Agreement, you indicate which courses or clinical internships you intend to take at LMU. Before submitting your application, please discuss the choice of courses and the credits with your home university in good time.

Please send in the Learning Agreement Before Mobility together with your general LMU exchange application; it is not part of the Medicine Online application. Only after you have been admitted will the International Office for Medicine confirm your Learning Agreement and make it available to you for downloading via the Medical Faculty’s application portal. Please note: LMU cannot guarantee that you will be able to take part in all selected courses should you decide to combine modules and therefore adjustments to your Learning Agreement might be neccessary after your arrival.

After matriculating at LMU, students who have selected courses & lectures will be able to see their timetable in the Medical Faculty’s Campus Portal about a week before the beginning of lectures.

Students who applied for internships are notified by e-mail of the next steps.

Changes to Learning Agreement

Please first have the International Office for Medicine confirm any changes and then submit them to your home university as well for confirmation.

With regard to your Learning Agreement, please note that it can only be changed, if necessary, during your mobility, not before the beginning of lectures. The dates for the beginning and end of lectures are fixed, and you can see them on our website under: "Vorlesungszeiten".

Language training & orientation

We offer a variety of German courses to prepare you for your studies abroad at LMU. read more

Also while you are studying in Munich there are various courses, programs and groups to provide support and help you to benefit as much as possible from your exchange semester, both medically and personally, and also to have a good time: MeCuM+

The Medicine Study Buddy Program is designed for international students participating in the Medicine exchange programs. The aim of the program is to make the transition for exchange students into our curriculum as smooth as possible. Therefore, we match every incoming student with a student of our Faculty. We recommend that you take part in the Study Buddy Program. The experience of former exchange students has shown that buddies are a great help. They will be able to answer questions that you may have about studying at LMU or living in Munich.

Your first days in the Medical Faculty are made smoother by the Study Buddy welcoming evening. This is held every semester in the week before the beginning of lectures. It is the perfect framework for establishing contacts with LMU’s Medicine students.

Transcript of Records

At the end of each semester, your academic achievements or clinical internships must be registered in the LSF portal for studies, education and research so that your final Transcript of Records can be issued when you have completed your exchange stay at LMU.

For this, exchange students first enter the courses they have signed up for (incl. language courses) and the internships they have taken in LSF.

When the results of the MeCuM modules have been sent to the Dean's Office of the Medical Faculty, they appear in LSF. The finished transcript has to be downloaded by the exchange student and forwarded to his/her home university.

In order to generate your transcript, here are step-by-step instructions:

Drawing up the timetable in LSF is a basic requirement for enabling exchange students to download a Transcript of Records.

1. How do I draw up a timetable?

The first step is to reserve the courses and lectures or clinical internships.

  • Log in to LSF

Log in on using your LMU user ID (first name.surname).


  • Select semester

At the top right, click on Semester and select the semester for which you wish to reserve courses.

  • Select courses and lectures

You can select your courses in the menu items Vorlesungsverzeichnis – Medizinische Fakultät – 7. Austauschprogramme Humanmedizin.


Activate the selected course by ticking the box vormerken and click on markierte Termine vormerken.

2022-01-15 16_50_20-- n_a_ Endokrinologisches System LMU München

After that, the window to your timetable will open automatically. Please click on Plan speichern. Select the next course from the Vorlesungsverzeichnis.
It is important that you save the timetable again each time you have selected a course. The times shown are only placeholders and do not correspond to the actual times.


  • Deleting courses and lectures

In order to remove a course from your timetable after you have reserved it, click on the grey "x" in the course status bar.

  • Clinical internships

So that the internships you take at the LMU Hospital can be recorded in the Transcript, please reserve one course for each subject/section in the corresponding category in the timetable; in the case of MeCuM Elective and PY Elective, please enter them in the chronological order in which they are to be taken.

In addition, evidence must be sent for each subject, depending on your home university’s crediting requirements, with total hours, grade and ECTS points where applicable, by e-mail to, so that the precise data can be recorded.

For this purpose, please use only the template "Certificate of completion of a clinical internship" and have it confirmed by the hospital.

  • German courses

You will find German courses via the Vorlesungsverzeichnis function under the item Fakultätsübergreifende Veranstaltungen.

- Click on Vorlesungsverzeichnis in the navigation bar on the left and select Fakultätsübergreifende Veranstaltungen – Internationale Angelegenheiten – Deutschkurse.
- If you have signed on for a preparatory German course at the IUCM in March or September, or for German courses at Munich University or Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO), select the pre-semester course according to your language level.
- If you sign on for a German course during the semester, select the in-semester course.

Please note that the grades and ECTS points for German courses are entered in LSF by the language institutes directly, not by the Office of the Dean of the Medical Faculty.

2. Entering of grades and ECTS points by the Office of the Dean of the Medical Faculty

The Dean’s Office is notified of the grades by the Module up to 4 weeks after the examinations.
In the time between when the course is reserved in LSF and the grades and ECTS points are entered by the Dean’s Office, the status is shown as PEN (pending).

  • Mobilities for a full year

The academic achievements have to be recorded immediately after the end of lectures in each exchange semester.
To ensure this, it is necessary that you reserve twice for mobilities for a full year: in February for the Winter Semester and in August for the Summer Semester. The Dean’s Office enters the examination grades in LSF accordingly as soon as they are received.
Grades for the past semester cannot be recorded in the Transcript retroactively if they have not been reserved in advance. Since clinical electives can only be taken out of term time, they are only entered in the next round of certifications.

  • Repeat examinations

If you have not passed an examination, you can take the repeat examination for the semester concerned if you wish. Please ask the Module Secretariats concerned for the dates and sign up for the examination there.
So that the result can be entered in LSF, please inform the International Office by e-mail to that you are taking a repeat examination.
After the end of the exchange, no more examinations can be taken at LMU. Clinical electives that you arrange yourself can also only be taken as long as you have your student status.
As a matter of principle, it is not possible to repeat examinations which have been passed in order to improve the grade.

3. Downloading the Transcript of Records

You willl be informed by e-mail as soon as your final Transcript is available for downloading in LSF.
When the time comes, click on the menu item Notenspiegel on the landing page and then on the PDF button in order to generate your Transcript.


The document generated in this way (which you can open and save) contains the result in the LMU grading system for every course you reserved. The grades are converted by your home university.
All courses/clinical internships assigned by the Dean’s Office must be listed in the Transcript, even if the examination is not passed.

Please note:
This Transcript bears an electronic seal and is valid without a signature.

Exchange students are themselves responsible for downloading their final Transcript and forwarding it to their home university.

For all questions relating to the Transcript, please contact the International Office for Medicine, using only the e-mail address:

Certificates of Arrival and Attendance

The "Certificates of Arrival and Attendance", also called the "Certificate of Stay", will be confirmed for you by the cross-faculty incoming team of the LMU International Office.