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International ​Oncology Experience (I-ON): University of Toronto


PD Dr. med. Amanda Tufman


To give students and early career physicians the chance to learn about thoracic oncology at an excellent international centre abroad without leaving home


International exchange broadens our thinking, enriches our understanding of quality care, and builds professional networks for future research and life long learning. However, travel is not always possible, especially during the COVID-pandemic. Online tools can bring valuable aspects of the international experience to students and early-career physicians at home. Tumor boards, grand rounds, lectures, journal clubs, and radiology rounds can be accessed online from a distance.

This allows students to observe and interact with students, physicians, and other care providers studying and practicing in a different health care context. The similarities and differences in care abroad highlight common principles of oncology and encourage critical thinking. By partnering students from two countries within the I-ON program students have the opportunity to exchange ideas directly, learn from each other and develop their own future professional networks.


2-4 Students in clinical semesters at LMU Munich and University of Toronto Medical School


  • Participants are named 2-4 weeks before the beginning of the semester and have time to register for online access to platforms at their host university.
  • Exchange students are assigned a mentor at the host university and may participate in clinical research projects or develop their own research ideas with guidance from the mentor.
  • A kick-off web meeting at the beginning of the semester introduces the students to each other and to preceptors and mentors at both universities.
  • During the semester exchange students log in to 1-3 weekly online events (Lectures, tumour board etc) at the host university for one semester.
  • Where possible the host university includes students in virtual conferences and study meetings throughout the semester (eg. AIO).
  • At the end of the semester a wrap-up web meeting concludes the exchange and provides a forum for the exchange of experiences and feedback.

Selection process

Students apply per Email with a short (0.5 page) statement of motivation and a CV.

Selection is at the discretion of representatives of the host university (LMU: Tufman/UofT: Leighl).