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International Campus Day


3 November 2022, 6 pm

New networking opportunities and platforms to promote global dialogue

From their student quarters in Timișoara, Romania, and Valencia, Spain, Stefan Ionac and Renato Gutarra are talking over Zoom about the year of studies ahead of them at LMU. When he was still at school, Stefan spent 'a year in Germany' from his home in Romania. Renato comes from Peru, spent a year in Switzerland when he was 16 and is now studying at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche. Both are in the third year of studying medicine. And starting in fall 2022, both will spend two semesters in Munich.

Renato and Stefan got to know each other at the Faculty of Medicine’s 'International Campus Day' – an online event that gives students planning an exchange visit to LMU an initial insight into the University, but also the chance to meet and talk with each other informally. Renato was so excited about the initiative that, after the virtual meeting, he promptly set up a chat group to which almost every participant in the ‘International Campus Day’ signed up. "Since then, the prospective students have been helping each other with useful tips and tricks," Stefan says. "Where do I want to live? Which of the working groups presented sound interesting? What courses do I want to take in the fall?"

On the virtual open day, LMU students introduce future fellow students from around the world to their University and their city. This event is part of a wide-ranging initiative launched by the Faculty of Medicine to create new networking opportunities on every level.

Under the heading 'International Campus', student networking and information events are springing up alongside newly designed programs to promote student mobility, as well as international courses with LMU’s partner universities.

"Thanks to networking options such as the 'Incoming Day', you are already part of the LMU community when you arrive."
Bulcha Lemma Tolosa – Jimma University, Ethiopia

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