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Jimma University-LMU Link for Medical Education

Undergraduate Exchange

We are proud to say that the Jimma University (JU) – Ludwig Maximilians-University (LMU) link is a cooperation with a long tradition that was founded in 2002. The undergraduate exchange is a unique bilateral program which enables both Ethiopian and German medical students to get insight into the healthcare system of the partner university's country.

The program consists of two phases and is accompanied by a group project that aims to improve the curriculum at both universities. Past generations worked for example on the creation of an OSCE for gynaecology or the implementation of clinical case discussions in the curriculum of their respective home university.

LMU was among the first universities in Germany to adopt an innovative undergraduate medical curriculum, which was named MeCuM – the Medical Curriculum Munich. This curriculum is designed to equip students with professional skills, research qualifications and psychosocial expertise.
MeCuM is a progressive method that introduces new teaching and learning techniques to students at all stages of training, and has since been adopted as a model for curriculum development at many other institutions of higher education.


Ethiopian students visit LMU for two months

The students participate in two 4-week clinical electives. They may choose two out of the following three departments: paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics or visceral surgery.
The electives include ward rounds, outpatient clinics, routine ward work and surgical assistance. Additionally, the students visit seminars organised especially for the JU students and a weekly course in Problem-Oriented-Learning (PBL) together with LMU students. Each incoming student is assigned a study buddy from LMU. This promotes an in-depth exchange of both cultural experience and professional knowledge.

German students visit JU for one month

The students will continue the work on the group project. With the experience gained at LMU Munich the Ethiopian students will have learned to approach a different culture in a sensible way. During the last month of the program they have the chance to apply their knowledge and help the LMU students learn more about the Ethiopian Healthcare System, culture and demographics.

Application LMU students

Application JU students:

Elective Assignment Students may choose between two program lines:
  1. Paediatrics and visceral surgery
  2. Gynaecology/obstetrics and visceral surgery
Target Group JU Medical Students nominated for the Program
Elective Dates 8-9 weeks from April-June or October-December 2020
Fees The program is financed by ERASMUS+ which covers housing, flights and insurance for the duration of the stay in Germany.
Maximum Number of Participants
Application Deadline set by Jimma University no later than 12 weeks prior to the start of the program

Applicants should submit any inquiries or questions to

For further information see JU-LMU Link

Program Director at LMU Munich

  • Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Siebeck

We look forward to welcoming you to LMU Munich!