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Exchange & clinical elective studies


Applying for an exchange program

Find out how you can visit LMU's Faculty of Medicine as an undergraduate exchange student, discover the courses we offer, where to learn German, and other important information. Read more 

Embarking on clinical elective studies

LMU Munich provides international medical students the opportunity to experience practical clinical training.

  • Undergraduate students from partner universities are eligible to apply for clinical internships such as Erasmus Traineeships following the procedures for exchange students.
  • If there is no agreement for a student exchange in Medicine between your home university and the LMU, you may apply to attend as a visiting student on your own initiative and can also apply to the LMU University Hospital outside the exchange programs. Further information can be found on the website of the "Visiting Student Elective Program" or at MeCuM-Online.

Courses in English

Summer & Winter Schools. Virtual Mobility Courses