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International Virtual Summer School


Discover more about translational research. Practice clinical reasoning and learn how to improve patient safety. Connect with universities around the world.

In the age of evidence-based medicine, it is one of a doctor’s fundamental tasks to stay abreast of developments by critically reading scientific articles. This is necessary in order to keep up with the latest state of the art and to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Furthermore, research and development are the foundation stone for evaluating and improving patient care. In addition to classic experimental research, the aim of which is, among other things, to acquire knowledge of the pathogenesis of diseases, clinical and preventive research is tremendously important for assessing new therapies for example. Thanks to their contact with patients on the one hand and their research work on the other, doctors are in an ideal position to play a pivotal role in translational research, taking ideas and findings from their research directly to the bedside and, conversely, contributing their practical experience with patients to research activities.

We have developed an international training concept in the form of a virtual course to discover and promote potential and talent among the next generation of clinician scientists and to encourage students' interest in research and development. The 4-week virtual course "Bench to Bedside and Back" (BBB) is held every year in August, and covers the entire range of relevant topics from medical research to its implementation in a hospital setting.
In the course, the students also learn good interprofessional communication, pay attention to patient safety and are given an opportunity to practice the best possible presentation of their research. Case discussions enable the participants to understand and practice clinical reasoning including a more detailed examination of specific aspects in the field of Global Health.

The organizing committee also includes faculty from Jimma University in Ethiopia, Lund University in Sweden and Washington University in the USA.

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