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Max Eder Junior Research Group - The tumor epi-transcriptome as a therapeutically exploitable vulnerability of malignant gliomas

  • Project leader: Dr. Christian Braun
  • Affiliation: Department of Pediatrics, Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital
  • Funding: since 2018

Highly malignant glioblastomas mean the beginning of a martyrdom for affected children and their relatives: intensive chemotherapy, risky operations and irradiation of the tumor area with serious long-term consequences. Not infrequently, this fight is unsuccessful, because the majority of children with glioblastoma will still die from it. Hope for long-lasting remissions or even cure is the development of so-called "targeted therapies" - ie the molecularly targeted inhibition of tumor essential processes. Dr. Braun's project involves the systematic discovery of such processes with a strong focus on regulators of the epi-transcriptome: RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), splicing factors, and chemical RNA modifiers. It is becoming increasingly clear that this functionally, in many ways, "unchartered territory" systematically and coordinately controls the expression of numerous tumor-relevant genes. It is precisely this broad influence that makes epi-transcriptome regulators interesting for targeted therapeutics, since switching off a single factor promises to have an effect on numerous subordinate and potentially tumor-conserving processes.

Source: University Hospital