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GBA new healthcare approaches – EvidenT-HiP –Evidence-based interdisciplinary therapy of near-hip pertrochanteric femoral fractures

  • Project Leader: Dr. Carl Neuerburg
  • Affiliation: Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery,
  • Funding: 2023 bis 2024

Pertrochanteric fractures of the femur account for about half of all fractures near the hip joint in adults. This proportion increases dramatically in patients of older age; due to demographic change, rising numbers are also expected in the future. Such a fracture is not only associated with restrictions in everyday life and thus a lower quality of life for those affected, but also with a high mortality rate. Up to 33 percent of these patients die within one year. Interdisciplinary care strategies and holistic treatment recommendations that go beyond surgical treatment are also needed with regard to existing concomitant diseases of older persons.

The aim of the project is therefore to develop an S3 guideline based on the existing recommendations that takes into account interdisciplinary treatment standards and novel methods of surgical management. The process is based on the regulations of the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF) and comprises five phases. These include systematic literature and guideline searches, the selection and evaluation of the evidence thus established, and the establishment of consensus in expert conferences. The project is funded for two years with a total of approx. 360,000 euros.

With the creation of the guideline, health care could be strengthened by introducing interdisciplinary so-called geriatric trauma strategies with specific treatment paths into medical and nursing practice. In this way, mortality and inpatient readmissions could be reduced and mobility, activity and thus the quality of life of those affected could be improved.

Source: GBA Innovationsfonds