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TRR 205: The adrenal: Central relay in health and disease

  • Speaker: Professor Dr. Martin Reincke
  • Affiliation: Medical Clinic and Polyclinic IV
  • Funding: since 2017

The LMU is involved in the new Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio (SFB/TRR) 205 "The adrenal: Central relay in health and disease". The deputy speaker of the new SFB/TRR is LMU physician Professor Martin Reincke. The aim of the new SFB/TRR is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of normal and impaired adrenal function.

The adrenal glands are the central organ of stress response and modulate the processing of endogenous signals of metabolism, cardiovascular system, immune system and nervous system in acute and chronic stress states. This modulating effect is achieved by the need-adapted secretion of steroid hormones and catecholamines. A disturbance of the adrenal function through under- or overproduction of the hormones leads to an impairment of the body homeostasis with life-threatening consequences. In order to understand these complex interactions and develop new therapeutic strategies, numerous experts are working together in the new SFB/TRR. In addition to the Technical University Dresden and the LMU, the Julius Maximilian University W├╝rzburg, the Max Planck Institutes for Psychiatry and Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, as well as the Helmholtz Centres Munich and Dresden-Rossendorf are also involved.

Source: LMU