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CRC 914: Trafficking of immune cells in inflammation, development and disease

  • Speaker: Professor Dr. Barbara Walzog
  • Affiliation: Institute of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology at the Walter-Brendel-Centre of Experimental Medicine
  • Funding: since 2011

The migration of immune cells forms an essential basis for the cellular defence of the human organism against pathogens. However, immune monitoring is not only of central importance for the elimination of intruding microorganisms and foreign bodies, but also forms the basis for the disposal of excess or dying endogenous cells. In order to fulfil their tasks, the targeted and inefficient migration of the different leukocyte populations is indispensable. Rather, the different leukocyte populations use highly specific routes and paths to their respective target regions according to their different tasks. However, the molecular cell type-specific mechanisms underlying the migration of the individual leukocyte populations in their respective complex environments in immune monitoring in healthy individuals, in infectious and non-infectious inflammatory diseases and in both fetal development are still insufficiently understood. The central task of the planned Collaborative Research Centre is therefore to elucidate the signals and mechanisms that control cell type-specific leukocyte migration in vivo underphysiological and pathophysiological conditions, i.e. infectious and non-infectious inflammatory reactions and fetal development. An Integrated Research Training Group entitled "Leukocyte Migration" will accompany our research efforts. By identifying the selective and cell type-specific mechanisms of leukocyte migration in vivo, the work of the Collaborative Research Centre will contribute to the long-term development of innovative concepts for therapeutic interventions in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Quelle: DFG Gepris