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GAME projects

Every member institution is leading one project, which the others can participate in. The currently nine projects and their respective principle investigators(PIs) are the following (in alphabetical order):

Building an International Microbiota Research Network: Gut Microbiota Across Ethnicities and Populations - Siew Ng (CUHK)

Building an International Online Barrett's Esophagus Registry - Franco Bazzoli (Bologna)

Building a Magnetc Resonance Imaging Consortium - Dorothee Auer (Nottingham)

Building a Research Network in Preventive Gerontology - John McNeil (Monash)

Collaboration in Health Data Management - Larry Svenson (Alberta)

Healthy Start Network - Vincent Jaddoe (Erasmus MC)

International Collaboration for At Risk Cohort of Lewy Body Disease - Masahisa Katsuno (Nagoya)

International Network of Drug-induced Liver Injury Research - Alexander Gerbes (LMU)

Transnational Educational Initiative (TEI) - Ho Sung Son (Korea)



The LMU-led project in the field of drug-induced liver diseases (INDILIR) was first introduced via the LMU China Academic Network as a bilateral cooperation of the LMU and the Chinese University of Hongkong (CUHK). Within GAME the project has been successfully expanded on further partners and demographics resulting in further prospective outcomes.
The LMU is participating in all the GAME projects, so far with exception of the Bologna-led Barrett’s Esophagus project, respectively a prospective involvement is being surveyed since the 3rd GAME Annual Meeting.