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CUHK-LMU Student Exchange Program

LMU- CUHK Cooperation

On 20 October 2016, an Academic Exchange Agreement was signed between the Medical Faculties of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the LMU to further promote cooperation in research and teaching at all levels. The cooperation was based on excellent research links, which have since been strategically supported within the framework of the LMU-China Academic Network and which are furthermore in developement at a multilateral level in the course of the GAME project. Student mobility is promoted through the CUHK-LMU Exchange program, which is aimed at particularly talented students from both institutions.

Offers for students

LMU Outgoing students have the opportunity to complete part of their Practical Year in Surgery or Internal Medicine at CUHK; since 2019 there is also the opportunity to combine their stay at CUHK with a participation in the Summer School of the GAME project "Translational Educational Initiative". The faculty supports the program and awards travel grants for LMU students, similar to other LMUexchange programs.

Incoming students of the CUHK are as far as possible assigned according to their clinical interest area; the following subjects are recommended: radiology, surgery, anaesthesia or orthopaedics. Learning opportunities for CUHK elective students include participation in station rounds, ambulances and routine ward work, as well as participation in tutorials, teaching rounds, workshops and simulation sessions.

Students of CUHK and other GAME member institutions are encouraged to apply for other programs within MeCUM International: The Oncology & Neurology Winter School (in March) or the Medical Research Summer School (in August), where international and LMU students work together to create a challenging but highly stimulating learning program that effectively enables them to expand their skills.


For further information please visit the common website of the CUHK and LMU.